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The Simple truth about choosing your home inspector!

Every inspector claims to have been in the business for years and has all the experience along with testimonials to prove it. All this really means nothing, because it is all talk and could never be verified. Unless of course you are a member of  Angies List. There the testimonials are written by prior clients and can not be manipulated at all by business owners or companies.  Direct testimonials aside from a legitimate source The single most important aspect of choosing your inspector should be their report. A report is like a resume of the inspector and can give you clues about his knowledge and experience.
What does a checklist or 20 page report done onsite tell you about a company? It tells me the report can't be very detailed. These reports are designed for speed.  These are the same companies that schedule as many as 3 inspections per day.  Then on the other end of the spectrum. There are inspectors that tout they are the best and provide all kinds of testimonials from big wealthy clients. They have links from impressive news interviews that give all the buyer beware warnings. They charge 600 and up for a typical home inspection. Then you get the report. It's 20 pages with a couple pictures sprinkled in it. They market specifically to people who think the more they pay the better the inspection will be.
At Seacoast  Inspections I do not make any outrageous claims. Instead I provide you with the most possible information about you potential home. That is what you really want isn't it. That is why my reports average about 80 pages. Length in itself does not mean quality. The reason they are so long is because the information is provided in a narrative style. I also use digital photos and color diagrams to help explain how and why things function as they do. Finally I offer advantages in technology. The simple fact is I can identify hidden issues that others can not if they do not use a thermal imager. The infrared camera should be a requirement by all buyers from their inspection companies. It's like hiring an inspector without a flash light. Why would you do it? Don't you want to learn as much as possible at your inspection? The infrared camera is not  X-Ray vision but it will identify issues that normally could be walked past.
Seacoast is not the cheapest and certainly is not the most expensive. Don't be fooled by inspection companies that say price  is related to quality. I challenge you to look at everything I have to offer, you will not find a better value in all of New England. I want you to look at other inspectors reports and websites.  Between my detailed reports, cost, and technological advantages I provide the most bang for your buck. That is why in the worst market in decades I have not just maintained business but have grown it.

    Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
      I Offer:
  • truly independent inspector with no Realtor ties
  • MA Licensed Home Inspector #698 , NH # 107 ( Maine currently has no licensing)
  • Full coverage w/ Liability, Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Certified Building Science Thermographer #31162
  • Level II Thermographer in Compliance w/ ASNT Standards
  • Infrared / Thermal Imaging Technology
  • Radstar Radon Monitors (no more waiting for labs)
  • Detailed 60-80 page Narrative reports (not checklists)
  • Digital Photos
  • Professional Color Diagrams
  • Certified WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) Registry Inspector #90113 (NEPMA - New England Pest Management Association)
  • Schedule 7 days a week
  • No fee guarantee! If not satisfied at time of inspection.
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Environmental Data reports specific to your potential new home.