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Many residential properties and neighborhoods are clean. That being said, even the most pristine and affluent areas can have environmental issues. These issues can affect health and home values. The EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report helps ensure that there are no surprises during or after the transaction by searching records of contamination from common occurrences such as:

- Leaking underground fuel or gas tanks that can contaminate soil and groundwater;
- Homes formerly used as "meth" labs, where residual chemicals can cause illness;
- Contamination from nearby industrial sites, accidental toxic spills or leaks;
- EPA and State top priority clean-up properties.

If a problem is discovered, the EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report provides key information to help home buyers resolve the issue quickly and move forward with confidence.

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Seacoast Inspections offers you the Environmental report for just $ 100.00
You'll see in the Forbes article others charge up to 150.00.
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June Special -  If you add a radon test and water test to your home inspection you receive a free Environmental Data Report specific to your potential new homes location.  This is a $100.00 value.