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Referral programs

Program #1- E-mail Me and included your name, address, Phone number and the same info for the person you are referring.
If that person purchases services from Seacoast Inspections you will get 50.00 off a Building envelope scan. Refer a Second person get an additional 75.00 off (or 125.00 total) towards a building envelope scan. Refer a third person get a FREE Building Envelope scan.

Program #2 - For business owners. If you have a website and let Seacoast Inspections place a Link on your site for a period of one year you will get a FREE Building Envelope scan.

Program #3 - E-mail me your name, address, Phone # . Once a month I will draw a name at random to receive a FREE Building Envelope scan. The winners will be posted on this website.

First monthly winner will be picked the last day of the month. Starting 5/31/08
You can only enter once a month for Program #3.
Seacoast has to verify and qualify the business website for Program #2
For program #2 a contract is signed by the business owner stating the link will be in place for a period of  365 days.
No repeat winners for Program #3
Free scans are for buildings less than 5000sqft
How to get a Free Infrared Building Envelope Scan
email me
email me
What is a Building envelope scan? Basically I scan the exterior and interior walls/ceilings looking for anomalies. These anomalies could be missing insulation, air infiltration/exfiltration, heat loss, leaky duct work, moisture trapped in wall cavity (potentially mold), Moisture leaks, I'll even check the electrical panel for overheating components. By identifying these deficiencies and fixing them. You will save money by making your home more efficient and comfortable at the same time. Moisture related issues are always less costly to repair if you catch them early. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me anytime. Click here to see some Infrared sample pictures.