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Moisture damage from missing kickout flashing. Found on an infrared inspection.
Moisture identified  with infrared camera.
Moisture damage found with an Infrared camera.
Even though the surface was dry and it had not rained in days the infrared camera could find the moisture hidden behind the clapboards. Below you can still see the back sides of the boards were wet.
Breaker that is starting to overheat.
Flat roof above. Missing insulation.
Missing or poorly installed insulation.
Moisture trapped in the insulation. Roof leak.
Radiant heat under tile floor.
This room will be hard to heat.
This is the squirrel highway through the wall.
Move your mouse over the picture to see the thermogram
How would your home inspector verify radiant heating is working as designed?
Not even the home owners knew there was a leak!
Argon depletion can be seen with the infrared camera.
Here are some examples of Argon Depletion.
Another example of an Argon Depleted window.
What is Argon Depletion?

Simply stated Argon gas leaks from between the glass panes. The Argon being a very small molecule is not readily replaced with anything and creates a negative pressure inside the windows. The panes actually bow inward. In smaller size windows when conditions are right it has lead to the implosion of the glass. In most cases the windows can handle the deflection. But the effects create less thermal resistance in the middle of the windows which creates the patterns seen here. Depending on the warranty of your windows this might be a defect that can warrant replacement by the manufacturer. Visually you could not see this happening in the earlier stages unless condensation would develop. But Thermally you can see it and hopefully catch it prior to a warranty running out.
Thanks to John Snell for this information.
 Air leakage
Here you can tell there is no insulation inbetween the rough framing and the  window frame. Cooler air is coming right through.
Missing  insulation
More missing insulation.