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Terry's Tips are personal observations based on my experience and seeing the cause and effects of things. There may be many ways to address different problems and all opinions are welcome. I am always open to suggestions and certainly want you to correct me on any mistakes that might be written.
If you look and listen to your house, it will talk to you. Are you listening?
Have you ever looked at the steel lally columns in your garage and basement and seen rust stains and scabs?  Basically what is happening is moisture is moving up through the cement inside the column do to capillary action. The inside of the column then starts to rust out and holes develop.  These little scabs then start to allow moisture to weep out and run down the sides of the column. Over time a couple things can happen. First is the column will usually rust more at the base. The metal can rust so much the column compresses on itself and drops alittle. This in turn causes the structure above to drop a little. This might cause minor hairline cracks to appear in a wall above or cracks in tile floors for example. Some times you will even see the steel column split open. No your house is not going to fall over but depending on the amount of corrosion you should replace the columns. When that time comes make sure your contractor installs a capillary break between the base of the column and the footing. This will prevent the capillary action from taking place in the future. The fact that the footing is so wet may be because of a high water table or it could be related to other exterior conditions.  For many reasons you should be developing an exterior water management plan to keep the foundation as dry as possible. If the water table is that high you should also contact a basement water proofing contractor for further advise. They may recommend a perimeter drain and or sump pump be installed.
Rusty lally columns from moisture being drawn up the inside.