Hi Terry,

Thanks for sending us the home inspection report and working with my family last Friday.  We're very impressed with your professionalism, skill, and attention to detail and will be happy to recommend you to our friends and relatives when they are in need of a home inspection.  

Thanks again,
Terra M.
Hey Terry,

Thank you for a very thorough report. I really appreciate you making arrangements at the last minute to get this done for Melanie and I. If you ever need a reference please feel free to give my name out.


Marc B.
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Thank you for such prompt results.  I did complete the online survey, and you got all excellents.

Karen B.
Thanks so much for the inspection- you did an amazing job!  You were so thorough and answered all my questions without making me feel like they were silly or that I had no idea what I was talking about (both of which could have been true at any point!) 

Here's a quote from our realtor Marie , "Thanks for sending the inspection report to me.  I don't think I've ever seen a more thorough or lengthy home inspection report.  It's excellent.  Terry will be someone I definitely call in the future."

I did the online survey and will be happy to recommend you in the future. 
Thanks again!
Julie C.
ASHI experience survey results

Survey Results Details
Each question is rated on a scale of 5; one is poor and five equals excellent.

Survey Question:                                                                                                     Survey Results

1. How would you rate the ASHI inspector's preparedness and professionalism?               4.97

2. Please rate how the ASHI inspector handled the inspection process.                              4.97

3. Please rate how well the ASHI inspector educated you about your property.                  4.97

4. Please rate how the ASHI inspector responded to your needs and questions.                4.98

5. Please rate how well the ASHI inspector provided you with peace of mind in your          4.98 purchasing decision.

6. Please rate how likely you would be to recommend the ASHI inspector to your friends   4.98     and family.

Total ASHI Experience Survey Points                                                                                   4.98
         When I e-mail my clients the PDF report I include a link to ASHI's survey site. This gives you the client the opportunity to anonymously complete an ASHI survey and rate my performance. Below you will see what the questions are and my corresponding results. This is tracked by ASHI and inspectors have no way to manipulate the numbers. You the client also have the chance to win a 250.00 Home Depot gift card by taking the survey.
Leading Home Inspection association.

I have had home inspectors before in other homes we have owned and you were by far the best. We thank you on a job well done.

Regards,Bryan & Katherine R.

Hi Terry,
Thanks for getting the report to me. I've just opened it to start reading it. It was a pleasure to fill out the survey for you, you've done such a great job. Take care and I'll let you know if I have any questions.

Thank you Terry - what a very complete and thorough job you did on
Saturday. We can't thank you enough!
Nancy G.
Hello Terry,

I read your report last night and this morning. It was an excellent and thorough report that gave me full of information about the home I am going to buy. From the report, I learned a lot about the property and about how to maintain a house. I appreciate your time and commitment. I just finished the ASHI survey. You've got all 5s!

I think you are the real professional home inspector that buyers can trust.


Eun K.

Thank you Terry.
We went through the report and so did others we asked for assistance and we determined today that we did not want to go through the sale.The report was great. You did an excellent job and all other homeowners who saw the report (for general input for us) said they wished they had a report like this. We did do the survey with excellent reviews.

Well thank you again and you may be hearing from us again in our house hunt.
-David and Sarah
Thank you kindly Terry.  I truly appreciated your professionalism and Knowledge with our home inspection.  I will let you know if I have any questions.  I have already gone through and filled out the survey requested with stellar remarks.

Thank you again,


Holy crap!!!! I have been up since 5:30am carefully reading every part of the report.  I am sorry I did not get back to you last night. We are early risers and go to bed by 10pm every night.  I have no idea how you were able to get that done in a day but THANK YOU!   This is one of the most detailed things I have ever witnessed.  I wish my wife was with me for it because of all that was discussed regarding all the issues.   I made the mistake of forwarding it to her and she is freaking out because of all the negative things on the report, not realizing that most things have pretty easy solutions and that you had to put in what you did.  I will gladly fill out the form on the website and look into the other thing (never heard of it) also if you every need a direct reference you can count on me for a very positive referral.  You were better then we could have ever asked for to deal with, advice, informative and detailed.  Thank you again for everything and for being so patient with people that have obviously never had to deal with this and for keeping things understandable.
Thanks again
Justin R.

Good morning Terry,

Thank you for a job well done!  I found the inspection to be very helpful and informative.  I will than happy to fill out the survey and also refer anyone in need of a home inspection.
Thanks again.

Jason M.
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Seacoast Inspections
Thanks Terry, I would have given you all 5's if you recommended more foam insulation!  Just kidding, all 5s.  We appreciated your time and insight!

Jon M.
Hello Terry,
Thank you for your thorough and meticulous inspection.  John and I appreciate your keen eye to existing and potential problems. 

John & Ellen
Hi Terry
The home inspection was wonderful! I really appreciate you taking the time to explain everything the day of the inspection. The report you wrote is absolutely amazing!!! The amount of details put into this report is unreal. Anyone I know that asks for a home inspector I will refer them your way. Your work is worth every penny and I don't say that a lot!!!
Thank you again!
Angela S.
Hi Terry,

Thank you SO much for careful, informational, and complete home inspection report.  You are so thoughtful to the point that you sorted out which part of my future home needs immediate attention and repair.  It must have taken a lot of time for you to prepare over 100 pages of detailed report, yet you REALLY took care of ALL the details I needed.

I really appreciate your service and thoughtful report.  You gave me so much information that I can sleep at night knowing what I would have to do for my new home, since the list is already there for me.  Someone like me, who is a first time home buyer with very little experience, that's exactly what I need. 

I will also answer the survey questions this weekend, I promise!  I will definitely recommend you to anyone that I know who may need home inspection.

Again, Thank you so much!


We definitely appreciated your hard work and expertise doing our inspection last week.  I went to the website right away and gave you rave reviews. 
Unfortunately, after considering all the valuable info you gave us, and then evaluating what we are looking for in a house, this one didn't make the cut, even though we loved so much about it.  They just weren't willing to deal enough to make it worth it.
Nonetheless, I think we already have an alternate choice in mind.  So, we may be calling you again soon if you are willing.  I know my friend, Ann L... , who recommended you to us, has been referring you to a few other people lately.  Plus, after I shared our excellent experience you will probably see a few more jobs from Newton Wellesley people.
You really helped us make a much more informed decision.  Thanks for your thorough report and the speed at which you sent it.

Lori and Fred M...