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Thermally we can see moisture trapped behind the trim.
Home inspectors that use Infrared cameras can find more issues.
Certified home inspector that uses infrared camera.
Thermal image of air infiltration found on infrared inspection.
This is a roof leak that is wetting insulation inside the wall. Found with infrared camera.
Missing insulation found with Infrared Camera.
More infiltration found with a thermal imaging camera.
Seacoast Inspections LLC provides Infrared and home inspections
Thermal image of settled or insulation that was not filled.
Retrofit blown in insulation.
Moisture getting in behind trim.
Windwashing through ceiling cooling radiant heat.
Air infiltration between window and framing.
Missing or poorly installed insulation.
Moisture getting behind siding and trim.
Thermal imaging can find things like finding moisture behind siding.
Moisture leaking behind  siding.
Here is a thermal image of radiant heating in the ceiling  and wet insulation from a roof leak.
Radiant heat in ceiling with wet insulation above.
Air infiltration between window and framing.
Moisture trapped behind siding and trim.
Look at the cold air blowing right through.
This is wet insulation from an exterior leak.
Move your mouse over the picture to see the thermogram
Example of leaky ductwork in a forced hot air system. Found on a home inspection.
Uninsulated leaky duct work.
Infrared inspection of EFIS that shows moisture damage.
More EFIS water damage found with infrared cameras.
EFIS .  This side was facing the sun all day. Both the right and left are verified with a moisture meter. Based on the shear volume of moisture trapped on the left side the heat has been retained longer . The right side was not as wet and has already given up it's heat because of the cold slightly windy conditions.
EFIS. This side was not facing the sun all day. Every single one of the 12  porticos had moisture damage.
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But the contractor said he filled every bay. Just not to the top.