At Seacoast inspections my goal is to stay current and use the latest in technology. My goal is to present you the client with as much information as possible in a 3-4 hour visual inspection. Get more bang for your buck so to speak.
Seacoast inspections takes residential  home inspections to the next level by the use of an Infrared camera. Thermal imaging is like having a flashlight on steroids.
If you had 2 equally knowledgeable inspectors, and one carried a flashlight and the other did not. Who would you choose? Of course you would choose the one that had the flashlight. Why? Because all things equal, you can assume the inspector with the flashlight has a better chance of finding any potential  issues. Neither will find all issues in a 3-4 hour visual home inspection, but one will be able to provide you more information than the other.
Now lets say we have the same 2 equally knowledgeable inspectors. One has a thermal imaging camera and the other one does not. Which do you choose?  The cost of these camera's is dropping and more inspectors are investing in this equipment. This is a good thing for everyone. The problem is alot of these inspectors are not properly trained or have no experience in diagnosing what they are actually looking at. Make sure you ask about their experience and training. A certification from and online exam is not the same as formal training and testing. By the way, I am one of the only home inspectors in New England to be a Level II Thermographer( in compliance with ASNT)  & certified in Building Science by ITC. I also have over five years experience using infrared cameras in building diagnostics.
The insurance company's contract out thermal inspections to company's like Seacoast for a good reason.They are always playing the numbers. If they can use a technology to push the odds in there favor, they will.  The use of thermography in home/building/roof inspections is the same thing. It gives you no guarantees, but it does provide you with more information. The more you can learn about a property before you buy, the better educated you will be. In turn this should lead to fewer surprises after you move in.
Infrared camera's can detect insulation problems, moisture problems, roofing, HVAC supply & distribution problems, and even electrical problems just to name a few. For free quote give me a call or send an e-mail to
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I look forward to working with you. Don't forget to check out some of the Infrared Sample Pictures. Samples 1Samples 2

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