Seacoast is a full service inspection company. We offer home inspections, residential and commercial thermal imaging ( Infrared ) , Blower door testing, Energy Audits, and Property Condition Assessments based on ASTM 2018-08. Our home inspections are performed by MA licesensed home inspectors. We serve most of New England and perform home inspections in MA, ME, and NH.
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Terry's Tips are personal observations based on my experience and seeing the cause and effects of things. There may be many ways to address different problems and all opinions are welcome. I am always open to suggestions and certainly want you to correct me on any mistakes that might be written.
If you look and listen to your house, it will talk to you. Are you listening?
When is the last time you looked under your oil tank? Oil tanks have a life span of roughly 20 -25 years and corrode from the inside out.  If you ever find a corrosion node that looks like a scab, don't pick it. Here we see a drip leak.  If you see either you should call your oil company right away or a company that specializes  in oil tank removals like Commtank.